Choosing whether or not to incorporate a business blog site on your root site (a directory site such as or host on a subdomain (such as is a crucial choice that should not be taken lightly.

We see  website owners make this error on a regular basis. This results in the  squandering of years of blogging effort.

If you host on a sub domain, you lose a substantial amount of traffic and have much reduced chances of ranking your main website high in the search engine rankings.

Some webmasters argue the advantages of a different blog site, and a sub domain blog site will not rank as high or as rapidly as an incorporated blog site on the same domain.

A subdomain primarily works as the middle guy for any of your SEO efforts for your first website. Any SEO power your sub domain produces might gradually drip back to your primary website. However, the outcomes will not be as effective as if you were to avoid the middle guy.

Sub domains are Deemed Different Websites

Your business website and your blog site will be two different websites. By keeping your blog site separate from your site, you reduce the SEO worth of your primary site and lose numerous visitor advantages and ranking elements.

With an incorporated site, Google will see both your primary website and your blog site as one, reinforcing the power of both as they work together in terms of ranking aspects.

A subdomain blog site is meaningless and does not assist your primary domain almost as much if your primary objective is to construct a robust customer-focused site that ranks well.

Blog Site Subdomains Do Not Contribute To Your Overall Pages

With a subdomain, the posts are included on a different site, so the material will not contribute as a significant ranking aspect for your first website. All of us understand that the more pages your website needs to index (if they are quality pages that individuals check out, connect and share to), the higher it will rank because Google enjoys content-rich websites to increase authority.

With an incorporated blog site, Google will crawl the brand-new posts within days, including more worth to the first website and increasing traffic by as much as 53 percent after 51 jobs have been released.

Subdomain Shares Will Not Benefit the Main Domain’s Authority

With 8 out of 10 web users investing their time online reading blog sites and utilizing social networks, you have the best chance to market your posts. While a boost in social media shares and external links will benefit your subdomain, they will not assist your primary website’s authority.

Any subdomain links shared will not add to your primary website’s link authority or ranking in search engine result since they are (mostly) thought about two websites, they have a lot of links in between them. With an integrated website, backlinks and social media shares created from the blog site material will assist the other pages on the first website rank higher and develop the root website’s link profile.

Article written on behalf of the consortium of London Seo Firms to illistrate one of the technquies in effective SEO


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